We're on a mission

We’re on a mission to take Brain Blasterz to all four corners of the World. Be a part of that journey.

Whether it’s a love of sour candy, the knowledge that a brand backed with a powerful social media presence can support you or you just want guaranteed great sales, we know we can tick all your boxes.

Buying directly from us means that you can choose from the whole range, get the best prices and have our powerhouse social media marketing support. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to see your candy category grow with Brain Blasterz. 

Reasons to stock Brain Blasterz

  1. Sits in three of the fastest growing confectionery categories - Vegan, Halal and Sour

  2. Proven Global Success - launching into new markets with a bang is what we do!

  3. Huge social media following - guaranteed brand awareness at launch

  4. Wide variety in Price and Candy - the only sour brand you need

  5. Expert team offering a smooth set up - we make this easy for you

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