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Brain Blasterz at the click of a button? Hello, Amazon!

2020 is the year of the home delivery and now, you don’t even need to leave your house to get your hands on some Brain Blasterz candy! For UK customers only (watch this space for more markets…) we are now live on Amazon with amazing sour candy bundle boxes. Absolutely packed with a super sour selection of the best Brain Blasterz candy, in an extremely cool, branded box and delivered to your door (same/next day if you have prime!). Now you never have to wait if you want your sour fix!

Available in two size, get a small one here and a medium one here!

Special thanks goes to our Business Development Manager, Max O’Brien for making sour dreams come true- with the click of a button, you can find yourself surrounded by all your favourite Brain Blasterz candy tomorrow!

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