The Brain Blasterz story

Brain Blasterz started in 2011 with three products: the original tub, the candy spray and the Brain Bitz.

Brain Blasterz launched in the UK first and within a year had launched in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Netherlands and Germany. In 2013 Brain blasterz launched in the Middle East, in 2014 in Poland and in the following years launched across many other European and International markets.

Today Brain Blasterz is sold in over 40 countries worldwide and is the #1 sour brand in many markets across Europe and the Middle East.

We now have 13 products ranging from a 1 to a 5 on the sour scale so you can try Brain Blasterz whether you're a novice (try a 1!) or a fully-fledged sour head (go straight for a 5!). Keep an eye on our news page too as we've got exciting product news coming later this year.

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